Jan 06, 2017

Built from the Ground Up – 2002


The People’s Progressive Movement was born in 2002 out of the realisation by its founding members that the future of the Cayman Islands would be best served by a grassroots political organisation built from the ground up.


Against the backdrop of a push towards Constitutional Reform by the British and the unique political circumstances of the day, right thinking Caymanians knew they had to find an effective vehicle to strengthen participatory democracy in the country to counter the dictatorial approach of the then governing party.

Founded on Principle-led Governance


The founding members of the Party, which included Parliamentarians Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin, Anthony Eden and Arden McLean, together with Lucille Seymour and many other “Movers and Shakers”, committed to the ideals of principle-led governance, full participatory democracy, the formulation of a national development plan and a long term vision of where they wanted to take the country.


The party was officially launched at the Bodden Town Civic Centre on 31st August 2002. The Guest Speaker was the Prime Minister of St. Vincent, Hon Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. Rather than a motley group of politicians awaiting the outcome of an election to form a government, the country could now be presented with a known slate of candidates, with documented policies before the election.

First PPM Government Takes office in 2005


Through the Party’s internal processes, the members chose the candidates to represent the Party and ultimately the people of the Cayman Islands. The Party got to work and by the next General Election in 2005 was able to present a slate of nine candidates all of whom were embraced by the electorate. The first PPM Government took office in May 2005, having been joined by independent candidate for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, Moses Kirkconnell.


Strong Leadership during post-Ivan Rebuilding


The first order of business was the rebuilding of the islands following the passage of Hurricane Ivan some eight months earlier. The Government used the opportunity not only to rebuild, but to invest in Cayman’s future physical and human resource development.


Builds Infrastructure


Institutional strengthening of health services, and major road building projects were important achievements of the new government. The PPM government saw as its first priority the modernization of the education system to address the urgent needs of the children as well as life-long training of adults. These critical infrastructure investments had been ignored by previous administrations.

Strengthens Democracy through Freedom of Information


Meanwhile, the Party was also busy in the Legislative Assembly and passed the landmark Freedom of Information Bill.


Establishes Rights for the People


The party enthusiastically worked to lay the groundwork for the passage of the New Constitution in June 2009, which allows people initiated referenda, further strengthening participatory democracy in the Cayman Islands.


Global Recession of 2008


The global recession of 2008 meant that the Progressives’ ambitious infrastructure development programme had to be curtailed as the Government grappled with declining revenues from tourism and the international business sectors.

Stood in Opposition from 2009-2013


Cayman Benefits from PPM Foresight


The Cayman Islands benefits financially from the Party’s foresight of consolidating government departments under one roof in a new Government Administration Building.

Disciplined, Focused PPM re-brands as THE PROGRESSIVES


A cohesive group of candidates representing a broad and complementary set of skills and experience unite under the Party’s new leadership. The Honourable Leader of the Opposition, Alden McLaughlin and the Honourable Deputy Leader Moses Kirkconnell, discuss the Party’s plans for creating jobs, building communities and restoring pride in our government and our country when elected.


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