A Call To Support At-Risk Youth & Strengthened Community Based Policing

March 4, 2024by editor

March 3, 2024

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We know that some of our youth encounter personal challenges that lead them towards gangs and criminal paths.

As a party, the Progressives have long championed proactive measures to steer at-risk youth away from crime and to dismantle illegal gangs, including bolstering essential support and diversion programs for at-risk youth and for those leaving prison. But these efforts must be better coordinated and amplified to make a real difference to those needing help.

We recognise the pivotal role of community policing in fostering trust between law enforcement and our communities, especially our youth. This trust is also vital to the RCIPS getting the intelligence they need to solve crimes.

Community policing was an essential agenda item for the Progressives, and we campaigned on and supported its formation.

However, the Community Policing programme has languished in recent years, which is why we have been raising the concern in Parliament.   It’s time to revitalise this critical programme, ensuring it receives the attention and resources it deserves.

Moreover, we must equip law enforcement agencies with the latest technology and strategies to effectively combat gang activities. Collaboration amongst the various government agencies is also essential to crafting a holistic approach to tackling these complex social issues.

Above all, finalising and implementing a comprehensive anti-gang strategy is urgent. This strategy is vital to nurturing a brighter future for at-risk youth and safeguarding our communities. I urge the Government to at last prioritise these crucial initiatives.

Let us all reaffirm our commitment to building a safer, more inclusive society for everyone. We must all play our part, including assisting the RCIPS where possible, especially when we have evidence that can help solve a crime.

Over the past year, the Opposition has spoken out often on community safety and we provided common sense recommendations that the Government should prioritise. Including the ones just mentioned.

MP Joey Hew and I met with the previous Commissioner of Police to discuss our concerns and what action we thought was needed. We will continue to advocate for these priorities until we have a community where everyone feels safe, and our youth can envision a positive future.

The Government must prioritise the issues of at-risk youth and gang disruption and provide the RCIPS with the resources necessary to revitalise Community Policing and strengthen capacity. We will support the Government when we see progress and remind them to act when we see none.

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