Hon Roy McTaggart: “These Brazen Robberies must be stopped”

July 7, 2023by Support

 July 7th, 2023


Last night our entire community was again shocked by not one but three armed robbery attempts in one night.  These brazen robberies must be stopped!


The Deputy Leader of the Opposition, MP Joey Hew, and I are meeting with the Commissioner of Police on Monday to discuss these concerns. We commit to doing all we can as Opposition leaders to help the RCIPS clamp down on those committing these crimes.


Last night whilst a business establishment was robbed, two of the attempts seemed unsuccessful. But all three cases would have given any staff and customers at the business establishments a real scare. And given the number of messages myself and my colleagues in the opposition received, many people in our community were also alarmed.


I said in my earlier message to the country now is the time to act if we are not to let the problem of increasing serious crime spiral out of control.


I have every confidence in the Commissioner of Police, his senior team, and the officers of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force. They are professionals who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. But everyone on our Island has a part to play in helping the police prevent crime and arrest those committing crimes. If you know something, you should say something.

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