Hurricane Alert Message By The Leader Of The Opposition

September 23, 2022by The Progressives

 September 23rd, 2022


My fellow Caymanians and Residents.

Everyone should now be aware, that the Government has issued a Hurricane Alert for the Cayman Islands. By now, we should be preparing for the likely approach of a Hurricane on Sunday night and through the day on Monday. If you haven’t already done so, get your Hurricane supplies, secure your homes and take all necessary steps to protect your property. Some hardware stores will open during the day on Sunday if needed, but do not wait till then to prepare yourselves.  Locate the nearest hurricane shelter and make plans to go there as soon as they are open if you are unable to safely shelter at home.

For your own safety, please follow all instructions and advice given by official sources. Listen to your local radio stations, including Radio Cayman at 89.9 FM in Grand Cayman and 93.9 FM in Cayman Brac.  Also, log onto the Hazard Management website at for the the latest information.

Thank you for listening; and may God bless us all.

~ END ~
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