Legislators Request A Special Meeting Of Parliament to Debate Lack of Confidence Motion

November 11, 2023by editor

November 10, 2023

From: Hon. Roy McTaggart, Leader of the Opposition.

Further to my Press release on Thursday afternoon, the Opposition has today, Friday, November 10, filed a Lack of Confidence in the Government Motion, signed by myself and seconded by MP Joey Hew, Deputy Leader of the Opposition.

In addition, we delivered to the Hon. Speaker a letter that states:

“We, the undersigned, being duly elected members of the Parliament of the Cayman Islands, do hereby requisition the summoning of a meeting of the House for the purpose of moving and debating a motion to be brought by the Hon. Leader of the Opposition and seconded by the Hon. Deputy Leader of the Opposition, that the Parliament should declare a Lack of Confidence in the Government.

We request that such meeting be summoned for Tuesday, November 14, to commence at 10 am. “

The letter was signed by a sufficient number of elected members to effect a meeting. Those signing included members of the Progressive Opposition and the three independent Opposition members. We are satisfied that other members will also be signing the letter.

Both the Letter Requesting a Special Meeting and the Motion of a Lack of Confidence in the Government was accepted by the Hon Speaker.

As I indicated on Thursday, it is our duty as representatives of our people to act to restore stable and effective government to these Islands. We are carrying out that duty.

May God guide the actions of each of us who have been elected to serve our country and our people. God bless these beloved Cayman

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