Opposition Leader Asks For More Public Consultation On the Population Register & National ID Bills

November 30, 2022by The Progressives

30 November 2022

The Hon Roy McTaggart, Leader of the Opposition, has today requested the Government withdraw the National ID and Population Register Bills from the next sitting of Parliament to allow more time for public consultation.

Mr McTaggart had earlier in the week suggested to Minister Andre Ebanks that he should consider extending the public consultation period.  Mr McTaggart has now formally written to the Minister to ask for more public consultation.

Mr McTaggart said in his letter that despite the Government’s attempts to educate the public on the two bills that the concerns are not going away. “

Mr McTaggart added, “Some public concerns arise due to misunderstanding, but some are valid and need attention.    Given the importance of these Bills, the Government should allow an extended public consultation period. My colleagues in the Opposition also share that view. An extended public consultation period will help ensure that all valid concerns are aired and considered. It can also allow the public to become more familiar with and understand the purpose and benefits of both pieces of legislation. The success of the Bills depends on getting it as right as possible at the start and ensuring the public trust both the Population Register and National IDs.”


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