Protection of Our Environment – Traffic and Transportation

June 16, 2022by The Progressives

The Progressives’ Ambition

Effective transport systems support economic growth and Cayman’s transportation infrastructure needs to keep pace with the demands of a thriving modern economy.  However, we need also to balance environmental concerns by ensuring that we decarbonise our transport system and reduce reliance on the private car by developing a comprehensive public transport alternative that is accessible, reliable and affordable.

The Current Situation

The need for a viable public transport system for the Cayman Islands is widely understood.  However, on coming into office, the government discarded the work started by the previous government to procure expert advice on the best solutions for public transportation, and they halted the successful George Town Shuttle pilot programme.  We still await the Government’s plans for the future of public transport which unfortunately seem limited to buses rather than considering the wide range of potential solutions available.

While Parliament awaits the Government’s plans, many commuters are stuck waiting in endless queues of traffic. No immediate, short term measures have been put in place.  Instead, the government has compounded the problems: from the ill-fated road closures for Pirates’ Fest for which the Premier had to apologise; to the changes to Grand Harbour roundabout which the NRA had to rush to reverse within days.

The Progressives’ Agenda for Action

  • Ensure the design and implementation of a modern public transport system for the Cayman Islands based upon the best mix of potential methods of transport, including but not limited to busses.
  • Ensure the government budget prioritises funds to establish the national public transport system.
  • Development of a properly funded national transportation infrastructure plan
  • Increased incentives for electric vehicle ownership
  • Development of an electric vehicle charging network
  • Consider restrictions on the importation of vehicles for general use by Caymanians and limit rights to vehicle ownership by short-term work permit holders (3-12 months)
  • Require an Inspection Certificate for all imported vehicles to ensure compliance with safety and environmental standards.
  • Extension of Staggered Work time/Flex Time/Telecommuting, especially by large employers such as financial services firms and Government.
  • Require private schools to provide busses or use the existing public sector busses.
  • Introduce staggered school hours for all private & public schools.
  • Encouraging and incentivising large apartment complexes, residential communities and major employers to participate in a carpooling program.
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