The Hon. Roy McTaggart and Sir Alden McLaughlin invite the public to discuss the proposed traffic flow change at the Grand Harbour roundabout exit.

May 15th, 2023


The Hon Roy McTaggart, Leader of The Opposition & MP for George Town East, and Sir Alden McLaughlin, MP for Red Bay, will be hosting a public meeting regarding the National Roads Authority’s proposed closure of the right exit onto the Grand Harbour roundabout to traffic wanting to proceed to South Sound and Crewe Road.


The meeting will be held on Thursday, May 18th, at 7:30 pm at the Seafarers Hall, 11 Victory Avenue in Red Bay.


In attendance will be representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the National Roads Authority (NRA). Your participation matters, so we encourage you to come out and ask questions, make suggestions, and hear what the members of the NRA and The Ministry have to say regarding the proposed road change.


The Background:  The National Roads Authority (NRA) recently announced that from June 5th, they would be making changes to the Grand Harbour Roundabout so that drivers exiting Grand Harbour at the roundabout can no longer turn right onto South Sound or Crewe Road. Instead, drivers will have to travel east along Shamrock Road and circle the next roundabout, then head west and back towards Hurley’s, where they can pull off onto South Sound Road or cross the roundabout onto Crewe Road.

The NRA has indicated that the change has come about because of safety concerns and an attempt to ease the increasing traffic congestion in the area.

However, some public members have expressed concern regarding the change.  Participation matters, so the public is encouraged to attend the public meeting.

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