The Progressives Welcomes The UK’s 1 Million Pledge To Enhance Radar Surveillance For Border Protection

April 30, 2024by editor

April 30, 2024

The Progressives Opposition welcomes the recent report in the Cayman Compass that the UK has pledged $1 million to improve radar surveillance around our Islands as part of a package of measures to disrupt drug and gun trafficking. The announcement came from the Governor’s Office.

The Progressives has previously advocated for equipping law enforcement with the latest technology tools, including radar and drones, and implementing
strategies that have the best potential to combat crime and protect our borders significantly.

During our tenure in Government, the Progressives took decisive steps to improve maritime and border security by establishing the Coastguard and a joined-up Customs and Border Control.

We understand that reliable intelligence gathering, modern technology, and strong collaboration among law enforcement agencies are essential to keeping our borders and people safe.

So, we thank the Governor and the UK Government for this much-needed financial support.

A year ago, at the May 2023 Joint Ministerial Council Meeting in London, the UK committed to providing over £10 million to support Overseas Territories law enforcement and border security capability and capacity building.

Based on the UK’s commitment to the OTs in 2023 and this recent pledge of $1 million to the Cayman Islands, we hope to see progress this year on improved border security.

However, we emphasise the urgent need for our Government to prioritise crime prevention and do what we need to better equip law enforcement with the
necessary resources to intercept illegal firearms, drugs, and individuals attempting unauthorised entry into our shores. We should not rely on the UK alone.
The Progressives remain dedicated to fostering a secure environment for our communities. We are committed to working collaboratively with the Government and the Governor’s Office to achieve our shared goals of safety and prosperity.
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