What We Stand For

June 16, 2022by The Progressives

From our foundation, the Progressives have been guided by one over-riding principle – love of country.

When in government, Progressives Ministers have worked tirelessly to deliver action that will make the Cayman Islands an even better place to live, to work and to visit.  In Opposition, we continue to stand up against those who take decisions to further their own interests rather than the country’s.  We continue to challenge those in government to act faster and to deliver more.

The Progressives are ambitious for the Cayman Islands.  We understand that the success of Cayman over the last sixty years has been hard won but that we cannot be complacent about our future success.  Instead, we must roll up our sleeves once more and work together to ensure that Cayman continues to flourish for the benefit of the generations to follow.

We believe in the promotion of sustainable economic growth.

As Progressives, we are unashamedly pro-business in our outlook.  We believe it is government’s job to foster a positive environment that incentivises entrepreneurship and minimises the cost of doing business.  We support financial services and tourism as the two current pillars of Cayman’s economic strength, but we recognise that more needs to be done to diversify our economy.

The economic growth we support needs to be sustainable in two senses.  First, it must be sustainable in the long term, avoiding, as far as possible, stop-start cycles of boom and bust.  Secondly, economic growth must be balanced with protection of our environment.  This means both recognising constraints on physical development and realising the opportunities that flow from conserving and enhancing Cayman’s natural assets.  The challenges presented by the earth’s changing climate need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

The benefits of economic growth need to flow to all parts of our community.  We need to ensure that jobs and opportunities are available for Caymanians.  We must further improve our public schools so that our young people are equipped for success in the jobs markets of the future.  Standards of living across our communities need to be maintained and improved.  Those most in need deserve better help and support.  Appropriate, affordable housing, both to own or to rent, should be within reach for all Caymanians.

The Progressives believe in vibrant, inclusive communities where all people can live their lives and fulfil their potential.  We must stamp down on the growing scourge of crime and promote safer communities. We need to promote healthier lifestyles while ensuring essential health services are available and accessible.  We should celebrate our Caymanian culture and heritage.

Finally, Progressives believe in sound, effective government and strong, stable public finances.


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